Friday, May 11, 2012


Mother's Day is all about celebration so we've compiled a sumptuous list of our own recipes to fit the occasion.
Every recipe is designed to offer ease of preparation, and a wow factor any mom would appreciate.
A few tips:
  • Plan and shop several days in advance.
  • Shop Saturday afternoon for fresh items; shop early Sunday morning for baked goods.
  • Have extra food so you don't run out.
  • Consider "make ahead meals" in order to get most of the work done in advance.
  • Presentation can make or break a special occasion meal. Think about the extras: Fruit and herb garnishes, powdered sugar and cinnamon, cheese sprinkles, tomato wedges, etc.
  • Delicious Mothers Day Brunch Recipes

    Mother’s Day brunch is a classic meal. Nothing says springtime like delicious brunch that invites family and friends to honor Mom.
    Brunch is a traditional Mother’s Day meal and it’s so well timed. A late morning or early afternoon brunch means Mom has time to relax in the morning, enjoy her coffee, and maybe even open her gifts.

    Preparation is Key

    Brunch can be as lavish or as simple as you’d like, but keep Mom’s tastes in mind. Make sure you have the menu planned ahead of time. And go to the market as soon as you can, to make certain all ingredients are available. Also, expect the unexpected: Uninvited guests, a burned dish, shortage of ingredients and plan accordingly.

    Easy and Elegant Dinner Recipes

    Mother’s Day dinners can be both simple and special. In our Mother's Day Dinner section, we offer up simple versions of some favorite, elegant classics.
    Whether you are going for simple and sophisticated, or an all-out big time family feast, make sure the meal is planned with Mom in mind.
    The most important thing is to make sure your menu is organized in advance. Also, the more guests you have the more coordinated you must be to pull off a truly smooth dinner event. No cooking or cleaning for Mom today

    Easy Yet Elegant

    Let's face it: Any kind of dinner that Mom doesn't have to make is a good dinner, as far as Mom is concerned! But that's no excuse to serve up something plain, when it's so easy to surprise mom with a meal that's delicious and elegant. We are talking about Mom here, after all. :)
    To keep it simple for the chef of the day - whoever he or she may be - we've focused on a handful of classic favorites. Most of these dishes can be prepared in under an hour, as long as you plan ahead: 


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